Brenna King

Host & Executive Producer

When I was young I used to persuade my little brother to perform what we liked to call "Coffee Talks" in our living room. We stole mom's suit jackets and used absurdly inaccurate British dialects to broadcast news events, the weather, and the status of our family pets. It left our mom and dad in stitches. I even have a few videos of the performances that have unfortunately been labeled top secret and will never be seen by public audiences...ever.

As the years passed, I found myself jumping at any opportunity to present a story. I'm passionate about bringing people together and getting them to be vulnerable with one another. It's all about creating a space for people to listen and understand each other. The best speakers make you cry, make you laugh, and ultimately connect you back into your childlike sense of wonder. It's my hope that these talks do just that.

Please welcome my friends from all walks of life, and their stories that will, in one way or another, bring us all together.

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